Email sent to all entrants of the 2017 Men’s Singles as at 21 April 2017

Gardens’ Men’s Singles 2017 is about to start

This post is simply to provide some introductory information about the Men’s Singles Tournament 2017 which so far has received 73 entries:

  1. You have, or will shortly receive, an email from a website called Challonge – we use this site to help run the tournament.  If you’re new to Challonge simply register and accept the entry.  If you entered last year you should be familiar with everything;
  2. The start date of the tournament is likely to be about Friday 28 April 2017;
  3. In the next week to ten days, we will decide seedings so please ignore the current draw in Challonge – we will tell you when the draw is made and you can check who your first opponent is!
  4. Are you a new member? If so, we’d like to hear from you if you are a club player of a good standard – we want to seed as well as we can and don’t want a Top 10 player meeting last year’s champion in the first round – please reach out if you think this applies to you.

We will email contact lists to all participants so you can contact opponents by email or mobile phone at the start of the tournament.

That’s all for now…if you have any questions please email us on

Best regards
Richard Jervis
GLTC Men’s Captain and Tournament Referee

Gardens’ Men’s Singles 2017