The Tennis Sub-Committee is responsible for all aspects of the playing of tennis at The Gardens.  If you have any suggestions to improve things, or think that something is not right, then please contact them at

Their Responsibilities

The Committee has delegated a number of specific responsibilities to the Tennis Sub Committee who report back the Committee which is contained in a Terms of Reference document (see below).  These include, but are not necessary limited to:

  • The organisation of social sessions, American tournaments and box leagues;
  • Team Tennis including the booking of courts for matches and coaching;
  • The annual club tournament;
  • Court etiquette;
  • Rules for waiting and guests at busy times including oversight of the guest book and payment of guest fees;
  • Maintaining court equipment (e.g. nets, umpires chairs and scoreboards);
  • The purchase of, and ensuring an adequate supply of, tennis balls;
  • Welcoming new members and prospective new members;
  • Managing any complaints from members about any aspect of the above responsibilities.

ToR Tennis Sub-Committee

Current Members

  1. Julie Leadbeater – Ladies’ Captain and Joint Chair;
  2. Richard Jervis – Men’s Captain and Joint Chair;
  3. Nondini Chakrabarti;
  4. Sarah Hickling;
  5. Duncan McCrae;
  6. Bruce McNeil;
  7. Christine Meilak;
  8. Moira Slevin;
  9. Jane Turner;
  10. Pete Warren-Lavis.