The Committee is pleased to advise members that both resolutions (restated below) were passed unanimously at the Special General Meeting (‘SGM’) held at the club on Friday 21 April.  Many thanks to all those members who were there and continued the discussions into the early hours!!

The Committee will discuss the exact timing of the vote on the five options for clubhouse redevelopment at its next meeting on Monday 8 May and further information will be communicated to members shortly afterwards.

The Resolutions were:

  1. THAT Members determine their preference (the “Preferred Option”) for the Club clubhouse redevelopment with a vote of the five options contained in the DEVCOM Report and that such vote will be voted upon by eligible members (i.e. who are also shareholders) may vote using email, post or other online voting system) using the Alternative Vote method; and
  2. Subject to the passing of resolution 1, THAT:
    • the vote referred to in resolution 1 above take place during May and close no later than 31 May 2017; and
    • by 31 July 2017 the Committee appoint a sub-committee (“DEVCOM2”) pursuant to Rule 13.2 of the rules of the Club (the “Rules) with responsibility for advancing the Preferred Option.



Both resolutions passed at Friday’s SGM