The members’ ballot for Wimbledon tickets takes place on Friday 28 April from 9.00pm in the Clubhouse hall.  It’s a great social event (hosted by the Entertainments Sub-Committee) so please come down, play social tennis until the floodlights go off and then share in the excitement of those lucky members drawn from the hat.

To be eligible you must be a paid up member for 2017/18 (or have provided a Direct Debit mandate to the club) AND to have opted in to the Wimbledon ticket ballot on the LTA website (it’s too late if you haven’t already done this).   You will know if you’re eligible because you (or your household for those sharing an email) will receive an email about 48 hours before Friday.

You don’t have to be present at the ballot on Friday but if you come out of the hat first you need to have someone present who can choose a pair of tickets on your behalf.  Successful (but absent) members who don’t make this provision provide this will get a pair of tickets but they will be what is left over after every other successful member has chosen (think Boys’/Girls’ Finals or Court 2 rather than Centre or No. 1 Court!).

If you are successful:

  1. Know what tickets you want in order of preference…we provide a full list of all pairs of tickets available and the cost per ticket below;
  2. Be ready to pay for your tickets (if present) on the night…we can collect via Direct Debit (if we have a mandate for you), by card using the machine in the bar, by bank transfer (Gardens Lawn Tennis, Sort Code: 20-90-69 Account: 70135186).  We’d prefer NOT to accept cheques (so 20th century!).

For 2017 the tickets allocated by Wimbledon to Gardens LTC are as follows:

  • Day 1 (Monday) – Centre Court
  • Day 1 (Monday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 1 (Monday) – No. 2 Court
  • Day 2 (Tuesday) – Centre Court
  • Day 2 (Tuesday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 3 (Wednesday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 4 (Thursday) – Centre Court
  • Day 4 (Thursday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 4 (Thursday) – No. 2 Court
  • Day 5 (Friday) – Centre Court
  • Day 5 (Friday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 5 (Friday) – No. 2 Court
  • Day 6 (Saturday) – Centre Court
  • Day 6 (Saturday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 7 (Monday) – No.1 Court
  • Day 8 (Tuesday) – Centre Court
  • Day 8 (Tuesday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 8 (Tuesday) – No. 2 Court
  • Day 9 (Wednesday) – No. 1 Court
  • Day 10 (Thursday) – Centre Court LADIES’ SEMI-FINALS
  • Day 10 (Thursday) – No.1 Court
  • Day 11 (Friday) – Centre Court MEN’S SEMI FINALS
  • Day 11 (Friday) – No.1 Court
  • Day 12 (Saturday) – Centre Court LADIES’ FINAL (BUT NOTE…ALSO GLTC FINALS’ DAY)
  • Day 12 (Saturday) – No.1 Court
  • Day 13 (Sunday) – Centre Court MEN’S FINAL
  • Day 13 (Sunday) – No.1 Court BOYS’ / GIRLS’ FINALS

How much do the tickets cost?  Please visit this website for prices for each court/day

Any questions please contact the Entertainments Sub-Committee on

Sarah Hickling, Gillian Brogan, Tony McConnell, Kate Medhurst and Sam Fosbury

Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2017